Sponsorship Opportunities

Texas Rose Horse Park is the premier horse show facility in East Texas, hosting events in a variety of equestrian disciplines including the American Eventing Championship, USEDC Drill Competition Superide XIII, Dressage Classics, The Tyler Four and Texas Rose Duo (“AA” Rated Hunter/Jumper Series). For a full list of events, please see our Calendar.

There are a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available at individual events or at the facility throughout the year, and we are eager to develop a customized package for all prospective partners, based on your specific marketing needs and level of interest. Contact us about sponsorship opportunities today!

Why Sponsor?

Equestrian sports have more than 27 million active participants in the United States alone. The market for equestrian sports is growing each year as spectators flock to horse shows and as individuals take up the sport of riding. Horses and equestrian sports appeal to both children and adults. The horse industry is a very large and important part of our national, state and local economies. It is diverse, involving agriculture, business, sport, gaming, entertainment and recreation.

According to the American Horse Council:

  • The horse industry has a total economic impact of $112.9 billion U.S. Gross Domestic Product
  • It employs 1.4 million full time jobs and pays $1.9 billion in taxes
  • The horse industry’s contribution to the U.S. is greater than the motion picture services, railroad, transportation, furniture and fixtures manufacturing and tobacco product manufacturing industries.

In the past year, over 90,000 owners, riders, trainers, and spectators have come to Texas Rose Horse Park. The facility hosted over 70 equestrian events in 2014. Over 100,000 exhibitors and spectators are expected in 2015, many staying up to two weeks in the area (which is great for the thousands of night hotel room stays). We work closely with our sponsors and the local area merchants to enhance the value of their businesses.

  • The annual economic impact for the Tyler area from events at Texas Rose Horse Park is estimated to be over $7,000,000.00.
  • 75% of the exhibitors and spectators are higher net worth individuals that come from Texas, and the majority come from the Dallas/Ft Worth and Houston areas.
  • Texas Rose Horse Park Events have raised money for local and national non-profit charities, including; Habitat for Horses, Azleway, Rotary Club International: Clear Rounds for Clean Water, Boys and Girls Clubs, Cystic Fibrosis, and Local Charity Organizations.